02 April 2014

Website Count Down

The website is officially underway with pictures of painting to be sold! A few photos below of things to come...

20 June 2013

Bohemian meets parisian

I'm in the process of decorating my bedroom...getting inspiration from these cool digs.

13 September 2011

Tory Burch on Madison.

The  new Tory Burch boutique on Madison Ave. Every bit fabulous!

30 August 2011

Good morning.

I'm baaackk! I apologize for the GIANT gap in my posts.  I recently got a new job and moved in the same week. Living without Internet made me feel like a caveman... sad but true. I have been very nostalgic lately - no tv or internet meant I had to stick to my dvd collection which primarily only consists of old movies. I'm working on a movie post for all you folks that need the 101 on classics.

27 August 2011

Ghost chairs.

Can't wait for my ghost chairs.... they make everything look fabulous. 

05 August 2011

Rock out.

Images via Pinterst

Check out these DIY bracelets like the wrist candy in the photo. HERE, and HERE and even HERE. Totally gnarly dude.

02 August 2011

Bohemian pink.

PLEASE check out Honestly WTF - a great DIY blog - they explain how to make the clutch in image 3. Fabulous!

 More pretty images and ideas via MY PINTERST

Jello shot

Picture directions below:

Full directions and pictures by That's So Michelle